Weather Icons by Haya Alabdulkareem of Central Saint Martins

Recently we have launched a project called the Weather to Wear and had the pleasure of working with graphic designer Haya Alabdulkareem of Central Saint Martins in London. Haya, originally from Kuwait, is also an art dealer at the Fashion Illustration Gallery.

Check out her weather icons in monochrome and colour which will be featured on Weather to Wear London Mens.

Here is what sunny Haya has to say, smiley faces included:

brandswag: What inspires you?
haya: My inspiration comes from everyday life. My friends their stories and experiences. Thoughts and emotions, experimenting with them and creating something out of that is so exhilarating and relieving to the soul. That’s where my creativity comes from.

brandswag: What is the future in your eyes?
Haya: Is that we will all die in 2012 ahaha :p

brandswag: What would you swag-tag?
Haya: If this question is about a fashion item that I would swag tag it would be the new mini givenchy leopard print messenger bag from Liberty 😀

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